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Local Super Hero.

So in Marvel Land they have a bucket load of superheroes.

Well around my street we have local DC hero Superman riding a motorbike, I believe he was trying to find the forty cakes Lex Luthor stole.


FIFA an anagram for FAIL

Football in general is FAIL

Football faningans:
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Well England was all fail from my Twitter feed and in general

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So I will just stick to watching and doing every other sport than Football. I wouldn't mind commisioning bus throwing and vuvuzelaling which is big appareantly and here is a picture to demonstrate so.

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Moving on from sports I have finished university looking around for jobs, writing up parodies, reading, cartooning and channelling certain politicians especially those in our Coalition Goverment. Nick Clegg, William Hague and David Cameron are not so hard to impersonate but Labour Leadership Candidates are a bit tricky, there is even a Liverpudlian anime character don't believe me well i have proof:

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Mother wants me to go into politics and so i have been buying political literature to get me going so one day I might, i mean afterall i did find Downing Street.

I will be quiet now

I can't help but see Medvedev and Putin.

With the Spanish Drama ending we now have two excitable school boys running the country oh hooray! Although Gideon is still being taught Maths by his new teachers.

So much politcal bliss between Cameron and Clegg that the Independent have released their wedding photo album i believe the term 'Special Relationship' will have to be focused on Clegg and Cameron. I believe Obama might have some competition if he wants to reclaim that relationship and poor Gideon might have to kiss up to his neighbour again.

I agreed with Nick and it seems in the long run i might have fun poking fun at the two 'lovebirds' and there wasn't a Monster Raving Loony candidate within my constituence. This is only a five year term and if New Labour can pick themselves up again with Mr Bea- excuse me, David Milliband we might see them back in power if they do the right things and restore the faith in New Labour within the UK.

Long before the campaign began the now Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and now the Russian Ambassador from NATO is oggling my Twitter. I have to be careful on what i tweet....or tweet in a respectable manner since my parents are now pushing me to go into Politics.....who knows but i don't think i would appreciate the acronym of PMSP.....MPSP....now it sounds like a ltd.edition of a PSP orz. Who knows maybe or maybe not...parents were pushing me to annouce my candidacy to become the new Labour Leader lol i joke.

Righto cheerio!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted on my new spangley LJ account http://strangepope.livejournal.com/

So i think it should be on here as well :T


But we have two guys trying to 'get into bed' as the current phrase being passed around with the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg (in yellow). Whether this alliance will work with the Tories who knows but i would prefer a 'Rainbow' alliance with Labour and the others such as the SNP, PC, Greens and some NI parties that will give Labour majority but it is skeptical whether it will work out.

Oh politics D:

but have a snazzy picture of some leaders

I hate realism :C


So I am one to keep in tune with current Political affairs right via the BBC, Channel 4 and programs such as the The Daily Show and Colbert Report (I found a way to watch you programs my fellow American bretherein *snickers*), and as you all can tell not only myself but the entire Nation is hyped wih Political fever even 13 year old kids are trying to track down the leaders.

Well I was just innocently chatting away to a buddy of mine on MSN until a image that broke my brain for a bit but after recalibrating the awesomness of its nature i decided to run with it.



Yellow: Nick Clegg
Red: Gordon Brown PM
Blue: David Cameron

Well done Clegg, forget those school boys in the right-wing media.


Obviously 'stituance being constituence

I found the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Twitter account....

Nick Clegg uh i mean Lady Gaga.

I am following him lol
As i am typing this there is a advertisement on the right of two people dancing on how you can reduce your debt by 75%....okay.

Oh i booked tickets to go and see QI :T hopefully i should know next week if i got the tickets.

Oh of course it happens all the time...

I just accidentally chucked a box of miscelleneous items on the floor due to dancing like Alfonso Ribeiro out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (lord i miss that show)

Thank you Tom Jones

I am supposed to be doing important stuff orz lol

bang bang bang bang

Sometimes I think sitting on trains
Every stop I get 'till I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner we're making our fame
Bonafide hustler making my name

All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

I clocked the game so i fucking win the game best present ever man gonna pop into town and buy shit soon with the dosh i got.

[FST] Dirtee Lion

I promised myself that i would do very in the way of Hetalia work but that failed but i was inspired with FSTs floating around i had to give it go. So 35 (well there is 36 but one of the song files decided to bugger up but i will upload it once i get it sorted) of British music some of me fellow men will be familiar with the music and the last thing we need is X Factor manufactured crap blaring out of the radio and ones laptop. Oh to those around the world do enjoy you might find something you like.

Here be bananas and the Queen VicCollapse )